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Bowl: Oh You Spicy

Oh, You Spicy Huh? Gluten-free-icon
오리지널 비빔밥

You know, a lot of people be thinking this one’s for them. This is not to get confused. This one’s for the spicy few. Made with: Spicy Korean Chicken – Korean White Rice – Cucumber Kimchi – Napa Cabbage Kimchi – Spicy Potatoes – Heart-Shaped Egg – Toasted Black Sesame Seeds – Gochujang

Fish Better Have My Money! Gluten-free-icon

물고기는 내 돈을 더 잘 가져라!

This bowl is ballin’ bigger than LeBron. We marinate the cod in a R$CH Korean Miso Sauce for 24 – 48 hours and then make it rain with that shredded gim and a touch of gold. We did not come to play. Made with: Korean Miso Cod – Forbidden Rice – Sesame Spinach – Marinated Mung Bean Sprouts – Shredded Zucchini – Shredded Gim – Gold Flakes – Funky Sauce

Bowl: Fish Money
Phat Buddha dish

Phat Buddha Gluten-free-iconPlant-based-icon

팟 부처

Buddha says, ‘Three things cannot be long hidden, the sun, the moon, and your hanger.’ Ok, maybe that’s not exactly how it goes but this protein packed, plant based bowl will bring your belly zen and save you time coz you won’t need to apologize for what you said when you were hangry. Made with: Adashah Bulgogi – Forbidden Rice – Sesame Spinach – Sweet + Sour Radish – Marinated Mung Bean Sprouts – Spicy Potatoes – Shredded Gim – Choice of Sauce

Impos-Seoul-ible Gluten-free-iconPlant-based-icon


Oh, you’re into reducing your carbon footprint by eating less meat? Well swipe right honey coz you just might be our Seoulmate. Our plan(e)t friendly version of the O.B. Made with: Impos-Seoul-ible Bulgogi Meatballs – Korean White Rice – Sesame Spinach – Sweet + Sour Radish – Marinated Mung Bean Sprouts – Spicy Potatoes – Shredded Gim – Gochujang

Impos-Seoul-ible Bowl
Bowl: O.B

O.B. aka Original Bibimbap Gluten-free-icon
오리지널 비빔밥

The Original Bibimbap that started it all for us. Nothing but respect for this classic Korean goodness. Hit it with that gochujang and then get your mix on. Made with Ribeye Bulgogi – Korean White Rice – Sesame Spinach – Marinated Mung Bean Sprouts – Sweet + Sour Radish – Spicy Potatoes – Heart-Shaped Egg – Toasted Black Sesame Seeds – Gochujang

Custom Bowl

Do You Custom Bowl

Do You 당신은 Gluten-free-icon

Korean White Rice – Cauliflower Rice – Forbidden Rice – Marinated Kale Salad

Spicy Korean Chicken – Adashah Bulgogi – Korean Miso Cod – Impos-Seoul-ible Bulgogi Meatballs – Ribeye Bulgogi

Marinated Mung Bean Sprouts – Sweet + Sour Radish – Spicy Potatoes – Sesame Spinach – Shredded Zucchini – Cucumber Kimchi – Napa Cabbage Kimchi

Heart-Shaped Egg – Toasted Black Sesame Seeds – Toasted White Sesame Seeds – Shredded Gim – Scallions

2KG Sauce – Sesame Dressing – Funky Sauce – Gochujang – Fire Oil


Korean Fried Chicken Gluten-free-icon

한국식 프라이드 치킨

Secret seasonings, perfectly crispy, and coated in our hot hunny sauce – 2 pieces. The drumstick is the perfect meat to skin ratio. Don’t @ me. We said what we said.

Snacks: Korean Fried Chicken
Snacks: Crab Mandu

Spicy Crab Mandu

매운 게 만두

Handmade with real crab meat and fresh green onion with a touch of cream cheese and kimchi seasoning. Comes with our Umma’s special Korean Teriyaki sauce for dipping. 5 pieces.

Tteokbokki Gluten-free-iconPlant-based-icon


A beloved Korean street food snack. Pan seared rice cakes in Tteokbokki sauce, 3 skewers

Impos-Seoul-ible Bowl
Snacks: Meatballs

Impos-Seoul-ilbe Meatballs Gluten-free-iconPlant-based-icon

임포스서울일베 미트볼

Made with Impossible Meat, bulgogi style, glazed with our gochujang.

Kimchi Fried Rice Gluten-free-iconPlant-based-icon

김치 볶음밥

Our homemade napa cabbage kimchi caramelized and wok-fried to perfection.

Kimchi Fried Rice
Snacks: KFR Royale

KFR Royale Gluten-free-icon


Our yummy kimchi fried rice gets a glow up with a heart shaped egg and American Salmon Roe Caviar ‘Malossol’ (also known as ikura). Go ahead, treat yo’ self!

Korean Pear Salad Gluten-free-iconPlant-based-icon

한국 배 샐러드

Kale + Napa Cabbage topped with white onion, shredded carrots, Korean pear, toasted black sesame seeds and Korean vinaigrette served on the side.

Snacks: Korean Pear Salad 2


Banchan-Napa Kimchi

Napa Cabbage Kimchi Gluten-free-iconPlant-based-icon


Made fresh and in small batches using our generation’s old recipe.

Cucumber Kimchi Gluten-free-iconPlant-based-icon

오이 김치

Made fresh in small batches.

Banchan: Cucumber


Banchan: Sweet and Sour Radish

Sweet + Sour Radish Gluten-free-iconPlant-based-icon

Banchan: Spicy Potatoes

Spicy Potatoes Gluten-free-iconPlant-based-icon

Banchan: Mung Beans

Marinated Mung Gluten-free-iconPlant-based-icon

Banchan: Spinach

Sesame Spinach Gluten-free-iconPlant-based-icon

Banchan: Zucchini

Shredded Zucchini Gluten-free-iconPlant-based-icon


Rice White

Korean White Rice Gluten-free-iconPlant-based-icon

Rice Forbidden

Forbidden Rice Gluten-free-iconPlant-based-icon

Rice Cauliflower

Cauliflower RiceGluten-free-iconPlant-based-icon

Let's get saucey

Sauce - Funky

Funky Sauce  Gluten-free-iconPlant-based-icon

Homemade Korean miso and special seasonings. Mild but funky.

Sauce - Gochujang

Gochujang Gluten-free-iconPlant-based-icon

Spicy, sweet, and oh so good.

Sauce - 2KG

2KG SauceGluten-free-iconPlant-based-icon

Our secret sauce. It’s everything you never knew you wanted.

Sauce - Sesame Dressing

Sesame Dressing Gluten-free-iconPlant-based-icon

Light and easy with mild and sassy sesame punch.

Sauce - Fire oil

Fire Oil Gluten-free-iconPlant-based-icon

Not just hot, but like HOT HOT.


Dessert: Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

3 freshly baked yummy cookies #yum 😋

Dessert: Brownie

Gochugaru & Red Bean Brownie Bites

It’s ooey, gooey, with a hint of K-Spice! These fudge chocolate brownies with red bean paste swirl and a hint of gochugaru (Korean chili) are the perfect ending to your meal.

Dessert: Apple Hotteok

Apple Hotteok

Apple filled “Hotteok”: Korean style pancakes filled with cinnamon-apple filling and drizzled with caramel sauce.

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